AlfaSage have developed 20Hz and nGage to help music and video publishers get the best from their content.

20Hz is a service for managing the content, while nGage is the engine that helps monetize the content.

20Hz - Creating connections

20Hz is a unique space for you to create connections. Whether it’s a band looking for gigs or a record deal, a label in search of new talent, a club or live venue looking for new artists to present, or music fans looking for new sounds, 20Hz is your one-stop solution. Get connected and ramp up your music!

Built for music and video publishers, 20Hz provides the tools to upload and manage your catalogue with the minimum of fuss.

You can build your subscriber base and interact directly with them. Consign generic usage reports to the bin, and understand exactly how your subscribers are viewing your content.

Engage with subscribers

nGage gathers data in real-time from subscribers interacting with your content.

This data is analysed in multiple dimensions using machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to make “offers” in real-time to subscribers for related products, services and events.

The data captured includes usage patterns during subscriber interactions with content, along with location and temporal information to add context to subscriber interactions.