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AlfaSage developed e92 to help organisations build websites containing a portfolio of information that can be accessed by nominated users. This portfolio can be augmented with live streaming to an invited audience.

nGage is a partner service that gathers data in real-time from visitors to e92 websites, analysing how these visitors interact with the content published on the website.

Using e92, we have built a service called e92 for Music for organisations who curate the portfolios of music Artists under their management, covering music, videos, blogs, images and biography in a personalised website for each Artist. In addition, the Artists can give live performances on-line, whenever they want.

With the world in lock-down, live streaming is a lifeline for music Artists' careers and a moment of escapism for fans.

e92 for Music is currently being used by 20Hz, a not for profit website for up and coming Artists. The platform allows on-line festivals to be created, with virtual stages on which Artists can perform. Each stage will host a specific genre of music. This will enable music Artists to stream live performances, to connect remotely to their fan-base and allow global audiences to enjoy the live experience.


e92 ~ Creating Connections

e92 is a unique space for organisations to manage their portfolio of work and documents, which can be bundled together in packages and made available to an invited audience.

e92 will benefit organisations who have a curated portfolio of information they want to make available to a target audience. For example, musicians under the management of a promoter, or companies with regular shareholder meetings who want to disseminate information in advance of a webcast by the Board.


nGage ~ Engage with Website Visitors

nGage gathers data in real-time from visitors about how they interact with the content you publish on your website.

This data is analysed in multiple dimensions, using machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques, to allow the artist to interact with visitors who are interested in their work. nGage works behind the scenes and lets the artist know what visitors are interested in, with the aim of up-selling products, services and events to an audience with a genuine interest.

e92 ~ Add Live Streaming to your Website

Manage a Portfolio of Content

Invite Visitors to View the Content

Use Live Streams to Discuss the Content

e92 for Music

e92 for Music is a hosted, web based service that allows organisations to have their own branded, on-line, streaming presence.

e92 for Music provides the platform for showcasing the portfolios of music Artists under the organisation's management and provides them with a platform for live streaming at any time of their choosing.

e92 for Music has been used by 20Hz, a non-profit service for upcoming music Artists, to build their own branded, on-line, streaming presence.

nGage ~ Engage with Visitors to your Website

Understand Your Audience

Produce Compelling Content

Maximise Return On Investment


AlfaSage's live streaming service e92 uses nGage to gather data in real-time from visitors to websites, analysing how these visitors interact with the content published on the website.

However, nGage works with any website, not just e92.

The data captured includes usage patterns during user interactions with content, along with location and time based information to add context to user interactions.

This data is analysed in multiple dimensions, using machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques, to allow companies to interact with visitors to their website.

nGage works behind the scenes and lets companies know what visitors are interested in, with the aim of allowing them to up-sell products and services offered on the website.

Where can nGage be used?

AlfaSage provide nGage as a software library that can be integrated within any website or app that runs on a PC, tablet or smartphone. The library communicates with the nGage Engine, which is a service that runs on our servers.

Reference Customer

20Hz, a not for profit website for up and coming music Artists, have based their service on e92 and use nGage for gathering interaction and viewer behaviour.

This data is analysed and presented to Artists to help them build engagement with their fan base and audience during live streaming. The aim is to increase the money they earn from live streaming.

Where does the ad money go?

Monetizing content based services with in a website is increasingly difficult. However, budgets for advertising and marketing to online services are huge in comparison.

The platforms run by Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google (FAANGs) take a large chunk of the online advertising and marketing budgets, however, the revenue passed on to people running websites within these platforms is small...unless you have +1m subscribers or followers!

Making offers

Offers are extended recommendations that are related to the visitor’s consumption of products and services on a website.

On many websites, recommendations are made for content that is only available within the website. They are usually triggered when content is watched, and often recommend similar content within the website or present discount options and multi-buys packages of content.

Scope of Offers

With nGage, the scope of an offer goes beyond a recommendation for streaming content, and could be:

  • content sensitive - based on the current content, such as discounts or advertising
  • context sensitive - linked to the content currently being consumed
  • location sensitive - offers for merchandise when at a venue or passing a shop
  • time sensitive - 1/2 price between 8pm and 9pm, or
  • any combination of the above - 10% off drinks during the interval when at a specific venue

How does nGage work?

The website or app captures the interactions of visitors as they navigate the website. For example, clicking around the user interface or interactions with content (e.g. play, pause, skip, etc. for a video).

These interactions are passed to the nGage library on the client device, where they are filtered and pre-processed on the client before being sent to the nGage server. The nGage server uses the current data to maintain a "context" for the user session in real-time, and merges this with historic data to add previous behaviour and usage patterns to the context.

nGage uses a blend of machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to generate a series of targeted offers based on the context. These offers are sent to the client to actively engage with the user during the session.

Moving away from YouTube and Facebook

Publishers are starting to build their own content delivery network so it can be “self branded”, and not tied to the companion branding of YouTube, Facebook and other 3rd party platforms.

It’s not easy to make “serious” money from YouTube or Facebook and channel creators with millions of users struggle to make a few hundred dollars a month. YouTube and Facebook are convenient for low-cost starts, but not for long-term monetization.

YouTube and Facebook also censor content based on many criteria, not just the obvious. This means that publishers are no longer in control of their content as content may be deemed “controversial” and censored by a 3rd party’s standards, not theirs.

Benefits to the customer

In real-time, nGage enables customers to accurately target the marketing of their content and related services to visitors.

Getting feedback from visitors, and understanding the viewing behaviour of visitors, enables you to react quickly and accurately to the actions and behaviour of your visitors.

Generating revenue using nGage

There are 5 ways that revenue can be generated using nGage.

  1. The easiest way to generate revenue is through offering content that users are prepared to pay a subscription for. This involved no 3rd parties, and off of the revenue generate is retained by you. Subscriptions can be based on content type, location, time and/or context. You could introduce time restricted plans, time based discounts and loyalty rewards.
  2. In-app advertising is the starting point for many websites, with the positioning of banner advertising on pages within the website. For websites that present streaming content, ads can be placed when a stream starts playing (pre-roll), during playout at fixed intervals or at natural breaks (interstitial), or when the stream stops playing either at the end or when the viewer presses stop (post-roll).
  3. Through affiliation with other companies, either when clicking through from an ad to their website, or by pushing their content and ads to your users.
  4. Selling the anonymized data of your users. This could also include behavioural data, depending on it’s detail, quality, consistency and integrity.
  5. Location based advertising links the users proximity to discounts and rewards, as well as location based advertising and merchandising.

Case Study ~ 20Hz

20Hz is a new, non-profit, live-streaming platform that empowers emerging artists and helps fans discover and support new music.

The Cambridge based Social Interest Company is on a mission to create a platform dedicated to helping emerging artists to launch careers.

The site - 20hz.com - creates a social music hub where artists live stream, share content and interact directly with fans, whilst enabling them to capitalise on the online performance boom. For fans this is a great way to discover new emerging, independent artists before anyone.

The pandemic has had a devastating impact on the music industry – with up and coming artists feeling the hit most hard. Feedback and connection are now more important than ever, with new artists looking for help getting heard.

20Hz aim to remove the hassle and cost associated with getting music out there and to help generate income so artists can survive for live performances.

What makes 20Hz different from other live streaming companies, is its focus on social impact and commitment to developing emerging artists. “As a not for profit, we have no commercial influence on the artist,” says Debbie Olaifa, Artist Manager, “our primary objective is to support the music community by creating a platform where new talent can create and connect.”

20Hz for Virtual Festivals

Festival image

20Hz believe that in the "new normal", "virtual" festivals will run in parallel with "physical" festivals, to augment the experience and allow an extended audience to be reached - people who physically or logistically can't attend the festival.

With 20Hz, festivals are either curated by a manager who invites Artists, or we have open stages where music Artists can book slots in which to perform.

Curating festivals on-line allows the promoters of "physical" festivals to assemble the Artists into an on-line performance that can be targeted at fans before, during and after the "physical" festival. On a cold, wet winter weekend, get these fans to re-live the feeling of an all-day blast from their favourite bands.

20Hz for Live Streaming

Live streaming image

With the world in lock-down, live streaming is a lifeline for music Artists' careers and a moment of escapism for fans.

20Hz are currently trialling a platform that allows on-line festivals to be created, with virtual stages on which Artists can perform. Each stage can be set-up to host a specific genre of music, to host artists in a geographic location, or anything else the Event Manager wants. Stages can also be for a restricted audience - by invitation only.

This enables Artists to stream live performances, to connect with their fan-base and allow global audiences to enjoy the live experience. Music Artists can engage with fans in the build up to a performance, during the performance, and follow up afterwards by direct messaging. Fans can chat with each other, and view each Artists' portfolio of work.

20Hz for Artist Websites

Artist image

Artists can create their own unique, personal zone, a homepage for them to play their music, share photos and videos, provide blogs and news updates and sell merchandise.

20Hz is the Artist's central hub, drawing together content from their existing social media – YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many others.

Artists can use 20Hz to communicate with their fans, promote their portfolio of work, and upcoming events. Post messages to all their social media sites at the press of a button.

Artists can think of 20Hz as their shop window.

20Hz for Fans

Fans image

Fans can connect directly with their favourite artists and bands on 20Hz. They can be the first to hear new recordings and releases or check out exclusive content from the Artist's 20Hz website.

Fans can explore 20Hz and discover thousands of cool new artists and sounds: from trance and dance to indy, metal, jazz and opera, 20Hz has it covered.

Our Team

Our team has a diverse set of skills and backgrounds - bringing a rich mixture to AlfaSage.

Basil Fisk

Founder, CEO
Extensive Startup Experience
Streaming Media Expert

Debbie Olaifa

Artist Manager
Music Artist Manager and Musician
Events Organiser

Jamie Jamieson

Founder, CTO
Data-Driven Software Architect
Cloud Technology Expert

Dirk Wiedmann

Board Member
ex Chief Investment Officer at Rothschild
Successful Entrepreneur and Business Advisor

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